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Some of the areas and types of criminal matters we handle include: (1) Drug Offenses, (2) Sex Offenses, (3) Domestic Violence, (4) Restraining
Orders, (5) Theft Offenses, (6) Probation Violation/Revocation Offenses, (7) Felonies & Misdemeanors, (8) Adult & Juvenile Offenses.

Drug Offenses:

The court's approach on the "War on Drugs" has changed from a heavy handed approach to focusing on rehabilitation in many cases. Today it
is not  
just about Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine and Marijuana, prescription drugs are being abused now more than ever, including Oxycodone,
Percocet, and many many more. Law enforcement officers are redoubling their efforts to crack down on drug abuse. There are numerous private and
court approved programs for rehabilitation purposes, but they are still very costly and time consuming, often times involving inpatient treatment. It
could be as simple as permitting a friend who has a headache take your prescription medication, or many times even selling your own prescription
to get money in the tight economy we face that ends up being illegal and a criminal act. Whatever the reason, whatever the situation, you need a
knowledgeable, proven and effective attorney who can handle your case, fight for your rights, and bring the matter to trial if necessary to defend
your freedom. Attorney Eric Pitsch is a proven winner, he knows how to handle these cases and gets results.

Sex Offenses:

There are many different kinds of sex offenses, from misdemeanor to felony. From rape, 1st, 2nd 3rd, and 4th degree sexual assault, to prostitutio,
lew behavior, to Internet sex crimes and possession of child pornography, you need an experienced attorney with resources to help defend you.
Were you charged for something you didn't do? Getting divorced, still having sex with your spouse, numerous times this has resulted in
miscommunication or mischievous behavior resulting in a domestic sexual assault, sometimes not warranted. Have you gone up to a girl and kissed
her on the cheek or lips in horse-play and she taken the wrong way, you could end up with a 4th degree sexual assault charge. Are you an adult teen
or in your early twenties and still dating a person under 18yo? Any form or sexual contact with that person could land you in prison with sex
charges, as underage persons are unable to legally consent to sexual behavior, and you, as the adult would get in trouble, even if you weren't the
aggressor. Has your computer been hacked, has illegal pornography been uploaded by hacking, malware or as a result of a computer virus? You
might not even know it's on yous computer, but you could still be charged with possession of child pornography. Are you a juvenile taking naked
and sexual selfies and texting them to friends, this could get you arrested and charged with child pornography, whether you are an adult or not.
Bottom-line, you need an aggressive and effective attorney who will fight for you!

Domestic Violance/Abuse:

Often times these charges come in the form of Strangulation, Battery and Disorderly Conduct. The enhancer that makes the penalties worse, more
time in jail, bigger fine, potentially not being able to possession guns, etc. is labeled as a Domestic Abuse Enhancer. So, if you beat up your wife,
they would charge you with Battery - Domestic Abuse. Thus, the Domestic Abuse enhancer ads more penalty to the resulting charge. Domestic
Abuse enhancers don't just apply to spouses, however. It can apply to former spouses, an adult roommate or former roommate, and an adult you
have a child in common with. Remember, this enhancer may effect you in other ways, such as not being able to possess a weapon. Again, as said
e, you need an experienced attorney who knows this area of law get the best and most effective result. This is not an area you want to handle
on your own, especially knowing the result could effect you in many different areas and in many different ways, some you haven't contemplated.

Restraining Orders:

A restraining order is an order from the court preventing someone from getting close to you, contacting you, hurting you or harassing you. You start
by filing for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). Based upon the materials you file with the court, it will determine whether or not to grant th
temporary order of protection. If the TRO is granted, then the court will schedule within short time a hearing called an injunction hearing to
determine if a final order of protection should be granted, and, if so, for how long. There are different types of restraining orders, such as one for
Domestic Abuse (sec. 813.12 stats.), Child Abuse (sec. 813.122 stats.), Individuals At Risk (sec. 813.123 stats.) and Harassment (sec. 813.125

Theft Offenses:

Theft offenses come in many different forms, from theft of property, theft by fraud, contractor theft, employment theft, to theft of identification. Shop
lifting is a common theft crime that occurs, as well as theft from garages, cars and even homes, by burglary or robbery. When a contractor tak
money from you and splits, which often times occurs during storms with heavy storm damage, and doesn't do the job, that is left by contractor. Also,
fraud by deception, misrepresentation and theft of another's identity is a crime, whether its using a fake ID or stealing someones ID to obtain a
credit card. Sometimes, however, these things can occur by mistake, when you thought you had a friend's permission, but he or she later says you
didn't, when your buddy gives you his gas card out of kindness to fill up your tank and it turns out to be his employers gas card, or even when you
have the Power of Attorney (POA) over an individual when it comes to obtaining credit or services on his or her behalf. Bottom line, you need
someone who knows the ins-and-outs of the law who can effectively assist you. You need a qualified, experienced trial attorney.

Probation Violations/Revocation:

Generally when there is a conviction on a case, there is the option of probation. A person never has to accept probation, however, if they do he or
he must follow the conditions of the probation or face being revoked and serving more time in jail. If it's a felony case, the person is given many
times a divided sentence consisting with jail and then extended supervision. If a person violates the law or a condition of the supervision, that
probation officer will put the individual on a PO hold, until they decide either to offer an Alternative to Revocation (ATR) or until the person has a
revocation hearing and is either revoked or not. If revoked, then the person would most likely face a sentencing after revocation before the judge,
unless it was an imposed and stayed sentence, which would result in the person automatically serving the time previously given and stayed.
Regardless, you need a qualified attorney who can fight and defend you during this time; one who can do it effectively.
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