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Grandparent Visitation

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

In Rick v. Opichka, 2009AP40, the court held that a family court may order a quantity of time for grandparents that is the same as the amount of time provided by a physical placement order.

Watch Out When Trying To Save On Costs!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

An Indiana trust mill that admitted last year to engaging in the unauthorized practice of law in Ohio is now actively soliciting clients in Wisconsin for its estate planning services.

Beware, there are several non-attorney people/businesses claiming to know the law and say they can do the job for a cheaper price. It is understandable that in this economy want to save money, but remember, you get what you pay for. Attorneys go to school for years to become qualified to practice law. So, don’t trust your most important life decisions to someone less qualified because it will save you a buck.